About Us

Aarohan College of Pharmacy, established in 2019, is committed to setting new standards of excellence in the field of pharmaceutical education. Our core mission revolves around nurturing pharmacists and professionals who embody a positive attitude, possess scientific acumen, and demonstrate advanced professional skills. We believe in equipping our students with not just theoretical knowledge but also practical expertise, enabling them to effectively understand and address complex problems within the pharmaceutical sector.

Our promoting body comprises a distinguished group of individuals, including trustees, board of governors, and advisors, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise from various domains such as education, administration, technology, industry, and entrepreneurship. This collective wisdom ensures that our educational programs are relevant, innovative, and aligned with industry standards and expectations.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Nitin Parashar, our college is guided by a visionary approach that emphasizes continuous improvement, innovation, and a commitment to delivering high-quality education. Mr. Parashar, known for his youthfulness, energy, prudence, and forward-thinking mindset, plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction and overall success of Aarohan College of Pharmacy.

At Aarohan College of Pharmacy, we go beyond traditional education paradigms to prepare our students for successful careers in the dynamic and evolving pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our focus is not just on academic excellence but also on holistic development, ensuring that our graduates emerge as competent professionals who can make meaningful contributions to society and the healthcare sector.

Vision & Mission

The Vision & Mission of Aarohan College of Pharmacy is dedicated to establishing institutions of excellence that prioritize the development of pharmacists and medical professionals with a positive attitude, scientific mindset, and comprehensive professional skills. The college aims to equip students with the ability to understand complex problems and effectively utilize their expertise to solve challenges and attain desired outcomes. This vision underscores a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and ethical practices among students, ensuring their significant contributions to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Why Choose Us?

Our D. Pharma course is meticulously designed to equip students with the ability to tackle complex problems and achieve their goals effectively, preparing them for roles in hospitals, community pharmacies, and various pharmaceutical-related fields. What makes us unique is our promoting body, comprising eminent educationists, administrators, technocrats, industrialists, and entrepreneurs, who ensure a well-rounded educational experience. Choose us for a transformative educational journey and a pathway to a fulfilling career in pharmacy.