The Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab at Aarohan College of Pharmacy is a comprehensive facility dedicated to the study of the structure and function of the human body. This lab provides students with hands-on learning experiences to understand the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology. Equipped with advanced anatomical models, charts, and medical instruments, students gain practical insights into the various systems of the human body, including the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. The lab is designed to facilitate interactive learning through dissections, experiments, and simulations, allowing students to correlate theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. Under the guidance of experienced faculty members, students explore physiological processes, mechanisms of disease, and the effects of pharmacological interventions on human health. The Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab plays a crucial role in shaping the holistic understanding of students and preparing them for careers in healthcare and pharmaceutical sciences.

Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab