Industrial Visit

Industrial visits have become an integral part of the educational experience for management students in India, offering a unique and invaluable learning opportunity that goes beyond traditional classroom teaching methods. While textbooks, lectures, and study materials are essential components of academic learning, they often fall short in providing a comprehensive understanding of real-world work processes and business functions. Practical, hands-on learning through industrial visits is crucial for students to gain a holistic perspective and practical insights into industry operations.

These industrial visits offer a multitude of benefits for students pursuing professional education:

Hands-On Experience: Industrial visits allow students to witness firsthand how industry operations are executed, providing them with practical experience and a deeper understanding of real-world scenarios.

Bridging Theoretical and Practical Learning: By bridging the gap between theoretical training and practical application in a real-life environment, industrial visits help students connect classroom learning with industry practices.

Active/Interactive Learning: These visits provide opportunities for active and interactive learning experiences, both in-class and outside the classroom environment. Students can engage with industry professionals, ask questions, and participate in discussions, enhancing their learning experience.

Identifying Prospective Areas of Work: Industrial visits enable students to better identify their prospective areas of work within the overall organizational function of industries, helping them align their career goals and aspirations.

Enhancing Interpersonal Skills: Through interactions with industry professionals and fellow students during visits, students develop and enhance their interpersonal skills, communication techniques, and teamwork abilities.

Awareness of Industry Practices: Students become more aware of industry practices, regulations, and standards during industrial visits, gaining valuable insights into the operational aspects of various industries.

Broadening Outlook: Exposure to different workforces from diverse industries broadens the outlook of students, enriching their understanding of different organizational cultures, practices, and strategies.

Overall, industrial visits serve as a platform for experiential learning, fostering practical knowledge, critical thinking, and industry-relevant skills among management students, thus preparing them effectively for future professional endeavors.

Our Facilities

Eligibility for D. Pharma

Candidates who have passed 10+2 examination of any recognized Board with Physics and Chemistry along with either of Mathematics /Biotech /Bology /Techinical Vocational Subject are eligible for admission to 1st year of D Pharm. Programme. Eligibility criteria for admission to management quota of vacant seats is minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biotech/Biology.

Pharmacognosy Labs

Pharmacognosy is the branch of pharmacy that deals with the study of medicines derived from natural sources. It also includes the study of history, cultivation and collection of crude drugs. The laboratories are well equipped with instruments like projection microscope, colony counter, Sterility testing unit, Zone Reader, Laminar air flow, BOD incubator etc.

Pharmaceutics Labs

Pharmaceutics is branch of Pharmacy that deals with all facets of turning a new chemical entity into a medicated formulation like tablet, capsule, syrup, injection, inhaler etc. which can be safely and effectively used by patient. Pharmaceutics laboratories are equipped with instruments like dissolution apparatus, sieve, shaker, disintegrator, friability test apparatus etc.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Labs

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the branch of Pharmacy that deals with design, development and synthesis of Pharmaceutical Drugs. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratories are well equipped with instruments like Digital PH meter, Calorimeter, Hot air oven, Microwave oven etc.

Careers in Pharmacy

Pharmacology Labs

Pharmacology is the branch of Pharmacy that deals with the study and description of the actions of drugs and chemicals on cells, tissues and the whole body. It includes study of the mechanism of action or drugs and finding out how drugs produce beneficial and adverse effects. Pharmacology Laboratories are well equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments like student Organ baths Rotating drums, photoactometer Rotarod, Electgroconvulsometer, Plethysmograph, Eddy’s hot plate, Histamine chamber, Cook’s pole climbing apparatus etc. Computer based simulations and software are also provided to the students. The Human Anatomy Museum has a very good collection of charts and models.

Computer Lab

Aarohan College of Pharmacy has computer center of 150 sq. meter and provided with 60 branded PC, server with internet connectivity along with printers, multimedia projector and various software.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Labs

Aarohan College of Pharmacy has instruments like HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer, Nephalometer, Flame Photometer, Electrophoresis, Polarimeter phase Contrast Microscope, IR Moisture balance etc. These instruments are highly sophisticated instruments required for Research and Development.