Transportation by Aarohan College of Pharmacy

The Transportation department at Aarohan College of Pharmacy operates as a comprehensive service, facilitating hassle-free and safe transport for both students and staff from various locations. The college maintains a fleet of buses that ply on designated routes, ensuring convenient accessibility for individuals residing in different parts of the city.

The transport services cover several key routes within the city:

Piska More Route: This route caters to students and staff residing in the Piska More area, providing them with a convenient and reliable transportation option to commute to and from the college campus.

Lalpur Route: Students and staff living in Lalpur benefit from the transport services offered by the college, allowing them to commute comfortably and efficiently to the campus and back.

Kantatoli Route: The Kantatoli route serves individuals residing in the Kantatoli locality, offering them a seamless transportation solution to access the college and return home conveniently.

Birsa Chowk Route: This route is designed to accommodate students and staff living near Birsa Chowk, ensuring that they have a dedicated transport service for their daily commute to the college premises.

Kathitand Route: Students and staff from the Kathitand area can also avail themselves of the college’s transport facility, making their journey to and from the campus smooth and accessible.

The transportation services provided by Aarohan College of Pharmacy aim to enhance the overall convenience and accessibility for students and staff, allowing them to focus on their academic and professional pursuits without worrying about commuting challenges. The dedicated transport department ensures the efficient operation of buses along these specified routes, contributing to a conducive learning and working environment for everyone associated with the college.

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